• MDF cardboard Cat Tree Combination

MDF Cardboard Cat Tree

Size: 80 x 40 x 73cm - PCT-2537
Size: 35 x35 x 35cm - PCT-2575
Material: cardboard + MDF
Packing : 1set (PCT-2537)/ ctn, 1set (PCT-2575)/ctn
CTN: 80x40x15cm /0.048cbm - PCT-2537
CTN: 37x37x37cm /0.051cbm - PCT-2575
  • Product Description

*Cattybrick Corrguated Cardboard Cat Scratcher

1. All materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.

2. Global Patent

3. Strong corrugated cardboard with catnip smoked

4. Nice corrugated cardboard shape by Laser machine cutting

5. Selectivity assembly